Great article, Robyn. I'm not at all surprised by the findings of all these studies, although I have to admit that my current diet is closer to the 'low quality plant-based' end of the spectrum than 'high quality'.

My husband and I are in the process of moving to a rural property and we're looking forward to growing lots of our own fresh fruit and veg and improving our diets overall. Not that we can't do it right now, but there's something really appealing about eating wholefoods from your own garden.

Looking forward to part two of this series!

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I remember a couple of palliative nurses said that whatever we consume we will pay for them in the later life.

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Smiles Trial. Moderate intake of meat good for moderate to severe depression. Run by nutritional psychiatrist Felice Jacka.


Women who don't eat enough red meat is linked to depression.


Preview of studies revealing link between vegetarianism and greater risk of depression.


But there is evidence linking traditional mediterranean diets low in red meat with a reduced risk of depression.

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