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Here's a video that deserves to become a classic.


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I don't know if you read Joel Smalley's Substack, but he reprinted a post from another Substacker last Friday, which is well worth reading. It's all about that BBC documentary "Unvaccinated" that was screened in the UK in July.


Rather than give you the youtube reference where you can watch it in full (it goes for 1.03 hours), it's best to just type "BBC documentary unvaccinated" in youtube's search function, which will also bring up other related videos, although some are just brief clips from the documentary. There's a video from Norman Fenton, responding to the documentary. Interestingly, both Fenton and the documentary presenter are both mathematicians.

Here's a link from the Substack post to Norman Fenton's written critique of the documentary.


The documentary is a sneaky, underhanded piece of work, deploying the sort of dubious methods we've become accustomed to over the years from the fact-chucking, lamestream misleadia.

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