Protecting children against the trans agenda

Meet Kathleen Kauth, the Lioness of Nebraska

Every now and again, you have a conversation with someone that really rocks your world. Such was my interview with Kathleen Kauth, a Nebraska senator who managed to get a bill - LB 574, the Let Them Grow Act - through the Nebraska state house. The bill protects children under the age of 19 from making irreversible decisions about their bodies, before they reach the age of legal majority.


In this interview, Kathleen discusses:

  • How government overreach during the manufactured COVID crisis propelled her into state politics;

  • How the Biden administration is forcing the trans agenda onto public schools by threatening to withhold funding to schools that don’t allow boys to play on girls’ sporting teams, and boys and girls to enter each others’ locker rooms… and the dangers these policies pose to both girls and boys;

  • How she made Nebraskans aware of this federal intrusion into their state’s affairs through boots-on-the-ground campaigning;

  • The co-ordinated campaign launched against LB 574 by, among others,

    • Doctors who make their living by prescribing puberty blockers and inappropriate sex hormones, and performing irreversible surgeries on minors who cannot possibly give informed consent to these procedures;

    • ‘Trans rights’ groups that are funded by some of the wealthiest individuals in the US;

    • Planned Parenthood, which both co-writes the curriculum that is promoting the trans agenda in US schools, and profits from the prescription of puberty-blocking drugs which are available to minors after a single, cursory consultation;

    • Fellow senators who, incapable of engaging in reasoned debate over the bill, instead hurled insults at her and used the filibuster to try to intimidate her into withdrawing the bill.

  • Her personal view on ‘gender dysphoria’ as the latest in a long line of social contagions afflicting primarily adolescent girls;

  • How she dealt with the intense hostility directed at her after she introduced LB 574, and the (in my personal view) unhinged behaviour of some of her fellow senators;

  • Her advice for handling ad hominem attacks (such as accusations of being a ‘transphobe’). You won’t want to miss this, as it’s equally applicable to any other pejorative label such as ‘antivaxxer’, ‘racist’ and ‘far right extremist’;

  • Why most of the people who went along with covidiacy now want to brush it all under the rug.

You can also watch the interview on Odysee and on Rumble. Please share it widely.

Kathleen Kauth is one of the smartest, bravest women I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. I think you’re going to love her too. Let me know in the Comments below.

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