Not sure about the use of the word 'inoculate' in this article. A Vaccine is the product which is injected into the body so someone is vaccinated in this process. Inoculation is the intention of vaccination in that a disease agent is implanted when the vaccine is injected with the aim of provoking an immune response. When the immune response is considered sufficient to give the protection required we can say that that is immunisation, ie. the person is immune to the disease. People mistakenly interchange these three as if they are one and the same. The mRNA injection does NOT contain a portion of any virus, none at all and its action we are told is by provoking the cells to produce a Spike Protein and it is this that is intended to trigger the immune response. Despite the recent re-definition by the rules in use since whenever the mRNA shot is NOT a true 'vaccine' and since the outset it has been stated and still is the accepted mantra that the mRNA shots do NOT prevent infection NOR transmission to another and MAY - repeat MAY reduce symptoms if infected = NOT a 'vaccine'.

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Splendid. And my brain didn't really start to hurt until about halfway through (which is good going for someone at my age these days). Should be a nail in the coffin of the Covid vaxx but, alas, we don't live in a sane world where scientific rigour still applies.

Many thanks.

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Hi Robyn.

Wow. So much time and effort must go into research and writing these long messages. But to be honest, I find the length is overwhelming for me. Like too much all at once. I usually just skim through most of them.

I could try reading one section each day to break it down. If I find it too much still, is there an option to receive one email every 2 to 4 weeks? Just seeing what my options are.

Just feedback.

Any suggestions?


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